Framtiden - HoloHouse New Partner!

We are delighted to welcome Framtiden - a group of companies within the housing sector - as a HoloHouse partner! To Framtiden sustainability is an integrated and intrinsic parameter in their business model. We are looking forward to helping them achieve even more value through student projects.

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HoloHouse medlem avIntegrationspakten Stockholms Stad

The Stockholm Integration Pact

Integration is an important of sustainable development as it is also a matter of democracy and solidarity. The more people having a sense of safety, the easier it will be to jointly tackle today´s challenges.

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Press Release

In May 2022 Miljöbron changed name and brand to HoloHouse. This to be able to reach the organisation´s long-term vision and goals, including its internationalisation with services offered abroad. HoloHouse mission is to influence "the many". Everybody must start working with this issue, it is not longer a field for a few experts!

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HoloHouse - Hållbarhetsbyrå

Sustainability Projects at Gothenburg University

Gothenburg University (GU) has 6000 employees and 56 000 students enrolled. GU is a signatory of Climate Framework (Klimatramverket) - an initiative between colleges and universities in Sweden to take joint action to reduce CO2 emissions. GU has set ambitious reduction goals: already by 2023 CO2 emissions should be cut by 25%. Different measures have been introduced and more will be financed with the Climate Fund. The Climate Fund has two main priorities in the coming years: 1) re-use and 2) infrastructure and parking for bicycles. Financial means for the fund is rasied for instance by charging each plane ticket purchased with 400 SEK. HoloHouse is running two projects with GU to contribute to CO2 reductions.

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