HoloHouse is a non-profit organisation and association. This means that all revenue and surpluses are directly contributed to our goal: sustainable development. Great, right?

The project Miljöbron was established by, among others, Swedish Business and Gothenburgs University in 1997. A few years later the project became permanent so much so that the organisation as Miljöbron was formed. Just as before, we stand for focusing on sustainable development in our three aims: to develop companies, develop students and reduce the gap between academica and business. In 2022 we changed name to HoloHouse to reflect the journey we are on.

Our Governing Board

HoloHouse förening styrelse | Mattias Dahl - ordförande - Where is my pony

Mattias Dahl


Where is My Pony

HoloHouse förening styrelse | Anders Sandoff - Vice ordförande Göteborgs universitet

Anders Sandoff

Vice Chairman

Gothenburg University

Martin Alm


Where is My Pony

HoloHouse förening styrelse | Stina Gottlieb - Ledamot - Sotenäs Symbioscenter

Stina Gottlieb


Sotenäs Symbioscenter

HoloHouse förening styrelse | Ulrika Lundqvist - Ledamot - Chalmers tekniska högskola

Ulrika Lundqvist


Chalmers tekniska högskola

HoloHouse förening styrelse | Linda Johansson - Ledamot - studerande och ägare av Fancy Planet

Linda Johansson


Fancy Planet

Daniel Brandt


Sustainable Innovation

Isabell Lindvall

Student Member

Student at GU

Alicia Jakobsson

Student Member

Student at GU

Holohouse | Kommunlinsen Agenda 2030

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is the organisation´s deciding body. All members (member companies and students) are welcome to participate and vote at the annual meeting. Take part of the protocols of annual meetings here:


Annual Reports

In the annual reports we summarise the organisations’ year just gone. We highlight interesting happenings during the year and revise the statistics of our impact. Read our earlier annual reports here:

Press and Media

Vi finns alltid tillgängliga för intervjuer och samtal om vår verksamhet och hållbar utveckling! Vill du använda vår logotyp så finns den att ladda ner nedan.

Miriam Markús Johansson, VD HoloHouse

Miriam Márkus-Johansson



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