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We offer digital and interactive e-learning programs which are grounded in academia but have been made to engage and address every member of your organisation. We are konwledgable, but not dry!



To create a genuine transformation toward a sustainable business model it is of high importance that everyone within the company is equipped with the necessary knowledge, mindset and tools. It is no longer enough to have a ‘passion’ or for the head of sustainabilty to manage this themselves. Think about the astonishing power we can have if everyone in the company had a pair of sustainability lenses; an Agenda 2030 Lens, as we like to call it. This is exactly what HoloScope™ is built on - to democratise sustainable development in order to find opportunities, the gaps within the market and new business models. And so that everyone has the chance to participate, we have made this program entirely digital, e-learning based and much cheaper than similar programs on the market. This course, which is our most refined e-learning, takes 9-11 hours to complete comprising a knowledge part, workshop and action plan!


Introduction to Sustainability for Business

Do you want to broaden your focus from environmental work to a business-driven perspective on the entire sustainability issue? In our digital and interactive Introduction to Sustainability for Business you can increase your knowledge in sustainability, the UN's global goals, circular economy and sustainable business models. It is like a scaled down version of HoloScope, very appropriate to run as an onboarding program for employees and consultants making sure all have the appropriate knowledge of definitions, tools, business models etc in sustainability and translate these to your company´s needs. This course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. You will of course receive a well-deserved diploma upon completion upon completion!


Introduction to Environmental Management

Do you have thoughts about aquiring an environmental certification, environmental diplomas or do you simply want to enhance your environmental performance? We can help you with this through providing you with a relevant, fun and up-to-date introduction to environmental management and science! This course meets all the requirements that svensk Miljöbas or ISO 14001:2015 has on environmental courses. Our training is completely new, includes EUs climate package and contains everything from environmental monitoring to the latest environmental policies and laws which are important to keep an eye on. This course takes about 3 hours to complete and you receive a diploma after completing a final test.

Holohouse | Kommunlinsen Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 for Municipalities

An e-learning course especially designed for local politicians and civil servants. It tackles issues and areas of municipal concern such as integrating sustainability in spatial planning, risk management, public procurement and in operations within the social sector (elderly care, teaching and social integration). This course contains many case studies from other municipalities, both Swedish and European. The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You receive a diploma after the completed course.


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