About us

We are an agency which broadens perspectives of sustainable development and drives the transition

Seeing the potential of involving everyone within sustainable development is the foundation to all we do and has been since we were founded back in 1997. Just as Miljöbron creates bridges between business and academia through student projects based in knowledge- and competence sharing, now we as HoloHouse are using these experiences to create social-, ecological- and economic-sustainable businesses. Not just for companies, but also for people and planet. Increasing awareness and value of all roles within this transition, no matter the producer, consumer, employer, employee, teacher or student.


What we do and want to achieve


The place accelerating the transition to sustainability through meetings and knowledge sharing between companies, organisations, academia, students and society.


Provide business and society with the tools required to meet people and the planets' need for sustainable products and services.


United with academia, we gain access to new and relevant knowledge in ensuring our services and training delivers in-depth sustainable solutions.

Our History

In connection with Gothenburg being the host city for the athletics World Cup in 1995, students became involved in developing communication services for athletes, officials and visitors. That acted as the starting shot in uniting business and academia through student projects.

Miljöbron was founded to act as a catalyst for environmental work with companies and other organisations through the recruitment of university students with relevant competencies for set assignments. In 1998 the non-profit organisation was established and received the logo which has for 25 years been compared with Migrationsverket (we had it first) which adds to the story.

Organisationen spreds i Västragötaland. Två år tidigare anställdes två verksamhetsutvecklare för få ytterligare fart på verksamheten och nå utanför Göteborg.

I Västragötaland involveras över 300 studenter från regionens lärosäten och 100 uppdragsgivare i olika hållbarhetsprojekt och Miljöbron etablerar en dotterorganisation i Skåne.

When the UNs Global Goals arrived, our perspective from only focusing on the environment changed to also include social and economic challenges, such as the circular economy, sustainable business models and social impact along the supply chain. Together with Gothenburg City, the interdisciplinary initiative Re:Challenge was created, which resulted in gaining the support of Vinnova in four Fixotek’s for local reuse.

With an international background within EU-projects and enivornmental law, Miriam was hired as the CEO with the task of scaling up operations so that our methods and models could be more beneficial for more companies, municipalities and students.

Now we have scaled up to be a sustainability agency with all new services and projects which can assist in creating sustainable business models, educate partners in using their competencies for sustainable development and help students to be tomorrows change agents. Miljöbron becomes HoloHouse.

How we work with Academia


Permanent access to relevant knowledge and driven students

Through our close cooperation with academic, we don’t just get access to additional resources in the form of students working with companies and organisations’ sustainability challenges, but we also gain continuous access to the latest and most relevant interdisciplinary knowledge. This is of high importance when aiming to reshape business and society to work with more consideration for our planet and all its inhabitants. This helps us veer from explorative student projects to services and education with specific deliverables.

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