Case Studies

From internship to summer job at Familjebostäder

During the spring term 2024, Nora Jonhäll did her internship at our partner Familjebostäder. Everything went quickly from the time Nora contacted us to the time she got the place with them. Then it went well! So good that she got a summer job now after the internship!

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We Recruited Martin to Where is My Pony

The sustainability communication agency "Where is my Pony" entrusted HoloHouse with the recruitment of a business developer with sustainability knowledge. HoloHouse found the perfect candidate in Martin Alm!

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Re:Challenge Engages Students for Re-Use

This pilot, that was carried out during 2016-2018, included four organisations, 30 students and HoloHouse. The mission was to find ways to make re-use, sharing and recycling and upcycling to a natural element of day-to-day life.

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