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The Programme HoloScope™

To create a genuine transformation toward a sustainable business model it is of high importance that everyone within the company, no matter what positions, is equipped with the necessary education, mindset and tools. It is no longer enough to have a ‘passion’ or for the chief of sustainabilty to manage the load themselves. Think about the astonishing power we can have if everyone in the company had a pair of sustainability lenses; an Agenda 2030 Lens, as we like to call it. This is exactly what HoloScope™ is built on - to democratise sustainable development in order to find opportunities, the gaps within the market and new business models. And so that everyone has the chance to participate, we have made this program entirely digital, e-learning based and much cheaper than similar programs on the market.

Format and Set-up

Three parts: theoretical, workshop and action plan


In total 2 working days (approximately 9 hours) to be planned ahead. 


1750 SEK per participants with price reductions for multiple orderings. Can also be run as an annual scheme with monthly fee.

Provide everyone with an Agenda 2030 Lens via HoloScope™

Programs 3 parts

  • Definition of sustainability and the weight of sustainability work
  • Agenda 2030: what are the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their meaning in a company
  • Sustainable business models
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder analysis
  • Circular economy and life cycle perspectives in business
  • Good examples of sustainable companies
  • Sustainability philosophy
  • Participants get the chance to identify opportunities related to sustainability in the company, projetc, service or product that they work with on a daily basis. They do these in smaller groups with their nearest team.
  • Workshopen kan utföras helt digitalt eller fysiskt.
  • During the course, we gather input from all participants. Now it’s time for management/the sustainability team and strategic managers within the company to implement this input and all ideas.
  • In this last part, we set up a workshop together with HoloHouse who will provide tools to systematically organise ideas which arise in part 2 and establish an operational plan in order to drive these ideas. We’ll have a look at business values, the potential in positively impacting the SDGs, competence mapping, emergency resources, etc.
  • The result will be an action oriented plan in order to drive initiatives that have both the highest business and sustainability value.

Newly developed

Everyone within the organization, regardless of role, is equipped with common knowledge and sustainability thinking. We call this having an Agenda 2030 lens.



The course is completely digital and in a user-friendly format. Contains concise text and is mixed with films to easily increase knowledge, interest and commitment to sustainability.



The participant can take the training with them on their mobile phone and thus complete it on the go. It can easily be divided into smaller sessions or done in one go.

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