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HoloHouse Team

Miriam Markús Johansson, VD HoloHouse

Miriam Márkus-Johansson


More than 20 years of experience within environmental issues and sustainability, of which 18 were spent as an international lobbyist at the EU-Commission and in the international environmental organisation. Educated within law, specifically within environmental law as a specialist and environmental science pabyggnad. Enjoys painting, sewing, squash and running.


+46 (0)31 300 03 93

Holohouse | Helena Callstam HR & Rekrytering

Helena Callstam

Head of HR & Recruitment

Helena has been with HoloHouse since 2010 and implemented hundreds of projects. An academic background in environmental science and a specialisation in business economy and labour law. Earlier work experience in accounting and HR with Team Sportia. Passionate about social sustainability, staff management and employer branding. HoloHouse´s padel expert and home decoration specialist.


+46 (0)31 300 03 94

Holohouse | Marcelo Pino Guerrero

Marcelo Pino Guerrero


Marcelo är vår briljanta projektsamordnare som är en nyckelspelare i flertal av våra samarbetsprojekt samt i flertal kurssamarbeten. Han har läst Samhällsvetenskaplig Miljövetenskap med företagsekonomisk inriktning. Social hållbarhet är något som ligger honom lika varmt i hjärtat som miljöfrågor. Han har även ett evigt växande intresse för inomhusväxter, men börjar få lite ont om plats för fler. Marcelo bjuder ofta på skratt och skarpa analyser samt är vår ständige game master när vi i HoloHouse-teamet spelar spel tillsammans varje vecka.


+46 (0)31 361 69 0


Elin Ekström


Samhällsvetenskaplig miljövetare med inriktning miljöekonomi. Projektledare i våra delregionalaprojek. Vill nå ut till företag och studenter som vill forma framtiden genom att arbeta med hållbarhet. Teamets botaniker och vår bästa Boråsare!


+46 766 12 17 51

Roya Moghaddas


Roya has a background in international relations, trade promotion and sustainability work in Southern Europe. Her interdisciplinary background makes her particularly passionate about circular models that tie the sustainability bag together all the way. She is the team's dog owner and spends much of her free time throwing balls to our happy office dog Maggan.


+46 (0)766 121 755

Amelie Klamm


Amelie is a curious communication student from Germany studying the second year of the Master in Communication at GU. She did her internship with us during the fall semester 2023 and continues to work with our social media, communication and various projects. She is interested in intercultural communication and project management and in her free time she loves to play flag football.



My Duvling


My is a newly graduated student from the Social Science Environmental Science programme with a focus on human ecology. She is also studying GIS and environmental management systems. During the autumn of 2023, she did an internship with us and will continue to work as a student employee in the Kompetenslyftet project. In her spare time, she likes to play Spikeball or go snowboarding.




Sonja Henriksson

Sonja grew up in Tjörn and in Connecticut, USA. She studies Civil Engineering and a master programme in Industrial Ecology at Chalmers University of Technology. In her spare time, she practices karate and loves to bake and cook.

Tova Karlsson

Tova studies Social Science Environmental Science with a focus on sustainable business and she has a strong interest in sustainable development. Apart from studies and work, she enjoys socialising with friends and family, exercising, being in nature and trying new things.

Sofia Wartenberg

Sofia is in her final year of a Engineering Physics at Chalmers University of Technology. Due to her interest in sustainability issues, she chose to study the master's programme Industrial Ecology, where she learnt to apply engineering approahces to issues related to sustainability and the environment.


Ellinor Kleiven

Ellinor studies Biotechnology Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.


Emil Lundgren

Emil studies a master in Industrial Ecology at Chalmers University of Technology.

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