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We are happy to be an active partner in your sustainability work. HoloHouse offers a wide range of assignments in environmental and sustainability such as sustainability strategies, analyses, surveys and calculations linked to greenhouse gases, business intelligence, sustainability reporting and the introduction of environmental management systems. We normally do this together with student consultants that we have recruited into our student consultant pool. We only work with qualified students who are at the end of their programme and who often already have some practical experience of environmental and sustainability tasks. 

What you get from us


Plan the mission

At this stage, we determine the purpose and impact of the mission, i.e., what is to be delivered and when, and what knowledge is needed to optimise the outcome.


Project implementation

Team HoloHouse leads the project and continuously checks with you as a customer for the best integration of the project into the organisation.


Evaluation and monitoring

In the last step, a final presentation of the results and effects of the assignment is made, e.g. in the form of a workshop / reconciliation with both student consultants and clients.

Examples of student (consultant) initiatives

Our most popular types of consultancy services are:
  1. Sustainability strategy & -reporting
  2. Different types of analyses
  3. CO2-mappings
  4. Environmental management systems

But our expertise in sustainability does not end there.
We can also support you with communicating your sustainability work, project management and much more!

Examples of projects we carried out

These e-learning trainings are adapted to perfectly match certain companies or areas. The course adapted for Gothenburg University is an integral part of the academic curricula. Most adapted e-learning trainings have a workshop part with dynamic assignments and take-aways. Examples of organisations that have opted for tailored sustainability courses are: University of Gothenburg, Bertling and Processus. These trainings are usually rolled out in the companies within 6 months and help them integrate sustainability in the day-to-day operations.

We developed CO2 assessments for Lerum Energi, Fyrstad flygplats, Ytterbygg and Key Plants. These assessments helped the companies to identify and focus on their largest sources of CO2 and develop efficient strategies to reduce the emissions.

We have helped Forsman och Bodenfors, Surte åkeri, Bellis Växtmiljö, Lerum Energi and Precimeter Control to implement environmental management systems. These systems have helped them improve the environmental prestanda of their operations, ensure they comply with all legal requirements and involving staff in the environmental operations.

We were hired by Restaurang Waste to develop a sustainable business plan and manifest reflecting their commitment to a sustainable future.

We carried out assessments for Region Halland, Göteborgs universitet, Göteborgs stad andByggföretagen. These assessments focused on regional development, cycling strategies and other sustainability initiatives.

We helped KeyPlants to develop a sustainability strategy comprising CO2 assessment, other calculations, risk assessments, stakeholder dialogue and setting strategic and operational goals in line with relevant sustainability reporting rules.

We carried out policy monitoring and market analysis for FKAB. This analysis helped FKAB better grasp its market opportunities within the area of environment and sustainable development.

We conducted a first assessment and plan for Handheld Group to render their business model with rugged handheld computers more sustainable and circular. This business grant contributed to analysing and planning for a more sustainable and circular business model.

We developed a sustainability program for Göteborgshotellen. This program included an assessment of their current measures within sustainability and environment, sustainability coaching, education and training and creating an inventory with inspirational sustainability material.

We supported Ipinium, together with Master Chef Tareq Taylor, in the development of a circular frying pan, produced with environmentally friendly, circular materials.

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