Press release

Miljöbron becomes HoloHouse - we want to have everybody onboard on the journey - not only sustainability experts.

In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Miljöbron the organisation changes name and announces its new strategy and direction. We want to reach more companies and players in the sector, on a regional, national and international level. Everybody need to contribute towards the sustainability goals.

Since 1997 the primary goal of HoloHouse is to connect students with companies and public organisations in environmental and sustainability projects. Since then we have carried out som 2700 projects with 6000 projects and 2000 different organisations. 

When Björn Fondén studied Societal Environmental Program at Gothenburg University he helped Positivum to lay the foundations for an environmental management system. Björn also participated in HoloHouse Board as a student representative. After completed studies, Björn was hired a strategic sustainability consultant at Grant Thornton and later as a Climate Change Expert at the UN:s Climate Convention in Asia. He has written his master theis on the topic of emission trading system and helped organise the UN Summit Stockholm +50.

"HoloHouse has a very important role to play within sustainability through making use of university students´ knowledge, energy and leverage" I have played a part of HoloHouse´s journey and look forward to following future steps. All organisations need to be continuously challenged with new knowledge, concepts and ideas".

HoloHouse takes its next steps to scale its business in order to be able to help more companies and other oganisations to acquire the knowledge, tools and mindset that is needed to continue to be competitive and attract tomorrow´s talents.

Companies and other organisations will experience an increasing pressure to deliver on sustainability aspects, in the same way as environmental legislation has contributed to improved environmental performance. This will take different forms and the pace may vary depending on the sector and business area you are in. But a movement towards more sustainable business is expected in the entire supply chain.

Students have a large role to play as change makers. They need to be equiped with knowledge and experience to be able to help their future employers to cope with necessary changes within their operations, processes and product design.

However, necessary changes are not just dependent on new recruitments. All employees must enhance their understanding and abilities to navigate in a landscape where sustainable development is a polestar.

"Sustainability experts, such as those hired to plan och implement strategic sustainability goals are still important. One of our missions is to make sure more companies and employees are involved in this transition", says Miriam.