Framtiden - HoloHouse New Partner!

We are delighted to welcome Framtiden - a group of companies within the housing sector - as a HoloHouse partner! To Framtiden sustainability is an integrated and intrinsic parameter in their business model. We are looking forward to helping them achieve even more value through student projects.

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Blog posts

Ta del av vår årsrapport!

Tack för helt otroligt engagemang under 2023! Dyk gärna in i vår årsrapport för 2023 och se värdet företag, studenter och akademin fick av HoloHouse olika projekt och tjänster. Tillsammans har vi gjort världen lite mer hållbar!

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How we will become climate neutral!

It's finally here, Sweden's climate action plan! The document is about 250 pages long, but we have summarised the most important points in a more accessible version for society's various target groups.

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Case studies

We Recruited Martin to Where is My Pony

The sustainability communication agency "Where is my Pony" entrusted HoloHouse with the recruitment of a business developer with sustainability knowledge. HoloHouse found the perfect candidate in Martin Alm!

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Re:Challenge Engages Students for Re-Use

This pilot, that was carried out during 2016-2018, included four organisations, 30 students and HoloHouse. The mission was to find ways to make re-use, sharing and recycling and upcycling to a natural element of day-to-day life.

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