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HoloHouse is and has been a leading actor in the field of sustainability and environment coupled to student projects since 1997. By becoming a partner with us, your company gets a unique opportunity to engage in collaborative projects with students and academics. This gives you access to a range of advantages that can give you a competitive advantage and at the same time contribute to a sustainable future!

Here is how it works

Become a partner

To become a partner, you will need to pay a tax-free yearly fee. The amount is dependent on the size of the organisation; the smaller the company, the more the fee is subsidised with the help of funding from our financers.

Needs Analysis

When you are a partner, we will set up a workshop to better understand the needs of your company when it comes to sustainable development. Here we also set concrete goals in our partnership.

Projects and follow-ups

From the challenges that arise from the needs analysis, we will organise projects that contribute to solutions. Every project will have a follow-up, with next steps being identified.

Types of student projects

As a partner you get access to up to four student projects per year. You can choose from these types of projects:

Course project

Course project

We integrate company issues and challenges in university courses. Examples are LCA, CO2 assessments, material analysis.
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We help recruit a trainee full or part-time to help you work with environment and sustainability.

Shorter assignments

Shorter assignments

Students are engaged for approximately 20 hours to solve a specific issue at your company!

Student consultants/ shorter paid tasks

Student consultants/ shorter paid tasks

Student consultants are engaged or shorter paid tasks assigned for projects.

Benefits as a partner with us

Inspiration through student collaboration
As a partner with us, you can collaborate with students and academic institutions to solve challenges and run innovative projects. This gives you access to youthful enthusiasm, creativity and the latest academic knowledge.
Economic benefits
Working on student projects can help you explore and test new ideas before taking bigger steps, which can reduce your R&D costs. In addition, you can benefit from our discounted prices for services, digital courses and access to training places and recruitment services.
Access to academic knowledge
As partner to HoloHouse you access the latest sustainability research and know-how through targeted student projects. This means that we contribute to your competiveness and R&D and also get to work with brilliant and energy boosting students.
Improvements of your sustainability credentials
By participating in our sustainability projects and trainings, you can improve your company's sustainability profile and reduce your environmental impact. In addition, cooperation with us gives you the opportunity to contribute to social sustainability by supporting education, research and projects.
Access to new networks and collaboration opportunities
A partnership and getting involved with working close to academia and students give you an entry to a broader network of contacts. Large companies often work directly with the academia knowing the value and impact it creates!
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