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Sustainable development is today what digitalisation was in the 90's: a must. Diverse legal requirements, policies and incentives are being adopted at the EU and national levels - and will soon affect even smaller companies. However, beyond threats to companies, there also exists unique opportunities in identifying and implementing new business ideas which can create both profitability and positive impact when guided by the UN's global goals (sustainable development goals). We want to help you find these possibilities and implement sustainability within your entire organisation.
Vi vill hjälpa er att hitta dessa möjligheter och arbeta med hållbarhet i hela verksamheten.


Education and Inspiration

Experterna jobbar hårt för att lösa de hållbarhetsutmaningar vi har idag. Nu räcker det inte längre med experterna, det är dags att inkludera fler kompetenser in i förändringsarbetet. För att skapa genuin förflyttning mot hållbara företag, kommuner eller samhällen i stort är det alltså viktigt att alla inom organisationen, oavsett roll, är utrustade med ett hållbarhetstänk. Bara då kommer både stora och små beslut som tas gå i rätt riktning.
Därför har vi utvecklat en e-learningplattform med utbildnings- och innovationsprogram som vi kallar Sustainactivity.

Consultancy and Project Management

To meet the need of sharper deliveries with high requirements or fast short deadlines, we have created consultancy services. This consists partly of a student consultant pool with driven and hand-picked university students - and even of senior advisors and project managers from within the HoloHouse team. The projects can range from life cycle analyses and environmental management systems to entire sustainablity strategies and screenings of supply chains.



Is your organisation seeking a sustainabilty talent? We have a broad network of both newly graduated students as well as more experienced professionals within the field of sustainabilty who could be a match for your recruitment needs.

We can take care of the entire recruitment process or parts of it, it's completely up to you.

Externally funded projects

We drive projects to hasten the transition to a sustainable society. Through our long experience of sustainability and with access to a large network, we have the opportunity to design ventures which most positively benefit business and society.

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