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Student projects aimed at integrating sustainability within your operations

Sustainable development is a necessity for most companies and organisations. Legal requirements are getting more stringent and are increasingly applicable also for smaller and medium sized companies. Being proactive in sustainability, adopting disruptive changes and integrating sustainability in your business model and operations will pay off. There is a huge market for sustainable products, services and processes.
We want to help you to identify market opportunities within the environmental and sustainability area! One of our winning concepts since 1997 is to implement sustainability projects through involving university students. Why not develop your next sustainability report together with students?


E-learning Courses in Environment and Sustainability

We have developed digital trainings for companies, municipalities and other organisations aiming at enhancing sustainability know-how and inspiring them to innovate and include stakeholders in companies´ operations. Involving everyone in sustainability generates sound decision-making, innovative, disruptive thinking, a feeling of togetherness and pride!
Try one of our five e-learning courses or let us create your own, tailored e-learning program!

Consultancy Assignments

We offer consultancy services for companies and municipalities! Examples of such assignments are CO2 assessments, sustainability strategies, introduction of an environmental management system, life cycle assessments, market surveys etc. Join companies and organisations like Bertling, KeyPlants, FKAB, Forsman och Bodenfors, Gothenburg City, Lerum Energy and Precimeter Control in carrying out an assignment with us!


Recruitment of Sustainability Talents

Is your organisation seeking a sustainabilty talent? We have a broad network of both newly graduated students as well as more experienced professionals within the field of sustainabilty who could be a match for your recruitment needs.

We can take care of the entire recruitment process or parts of it.

Externally funded projects

We drive projects to hasten the transition to a sustainable society. Through our long experience of sustainability and with access to a large network, we have the opportunity to design ventures which most positively benefit business and society.

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Sustainability 4 Everyone

Interested in sustainability but not sure where to start? Ready to make a positive impackt on your community? Learn more about sustainability in our new e-learning course as part of the SIRR Project!

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