Internship - a Step Towards a Successful Carrier

An internship provides you with an excellent opportunity to gain practical knowledge and to make contacts that might lead you to your first job!

Together with our partners and network we offer valuable internships where you contribute to sustainable development.

We offer you support throughout your internship to maximise your experience.

Below current opportunities that you can apply for. It is also possible to give us a shout out for future needs by sending us an application of interest.

Good to know

Our internships are designed to complement your theoretical education. In order to be able to integrate an internship into your education, we want you who apply to our internships to be studying a university or college course that includes a practical element.

Most of our internships can be adapted to 15 or 30 credits.

If you are unsure about which internship courses you could take, please contact the study counsellor at your department or get in touch with us and we will try to find a solution together.

Current Opportunities