Recruitment of Sustainability Talents

Get Access to a Network With Over 7000 Sustainability Professionals

Does your company want a do-over and strives to work more with sustainability? Well that requires competence. With our extensive experience within the field of environmental and sustainablity issues, we can help you find the right candidates for your projects - through a sustainable and inclusive recruitment process.

Advertising (REACH)

Reach the right candidates through efficeint advertising in our talent filled network.

Recruitment (MATCH or CATCH)

We can help with all or parts of the process and adapt it to your needs.

Needs Analysis

Unsure? We gladly conduct a needs analysis to understand which competencies your company needs.


Reach is our lightest recruitment service but definately a good help to get started! We help you advertising your opening in our network which consist of many thousands of students and top talents!


We help you formulating and publishing a job ad where you reach a large network of students and sustainability professionals. We also help you select a first pool of candidates and carry out a first lighter, telephone interview.

We give you a first assessment of the candidates and hand over the last part of the recruitment process to you.
Giving you a chance to meet, interview and select the lucky candidate that you select for the opening.


We take care of the entire recruitment process!
From an initial needs assessments to formulating a recruitment ad, performing interviews and necessary tests. We are happy to involve you throughout the whole process - it is our wish that you feel 100% satisfied with the candidates and the final choice.

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Sustainability is our Game

Through our extensive experience within environmental and sustainability issues, we can offer unique insight into what is happening around us. Because of this, we can navigate and cater to both today and tomorrow’s competency needs.

Networks Count

Our organisation powerfully attracts driven individuals who burn for environmental and sustainability issues. This means we can always offer the most motivated candidates with the most relevant competencies. As we have run sustainability projects since 1997, we have a combination of experienced managers, newly graduated students and hungry candidates in our network.


Quality Assurance

The unique point of Holohouse is that we have already worked with a large amount of our potential candidates. Our knowledge of these candidates allows us to suggest talented individuals who we know will deliver your requested comptence and engagement.


Let us help you!


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Head of HR & Recruitment​


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