The Internship at LunaMicro led to Employment

The Internship at LunaMicro led to Employment

Being honest and open-minded is important at the onset of a new project, states Nanny Thorman. With the help of HoloHouse and LunaMicro new doors and perspectives opended up for Nanny!

Why did you apply for a project through HoloHouse and which were your expectations?

I was applying for an internship at LunaMicro through HoloHouse. I did not have any real expectations since I did not really know what to expect. The internship led to further projects and eventually employment at LunaMicro. I really appreciate the continuous support I received from the team at HoloHouse.

Can you mention some lessons learned from the projects you carried out?

I have carried out multiple projects through HoloHouse and have enjoyed them all! I find it very reassuring to have a contact person at HoloHouse with whom I can raise issues that occurr! Also the type of projects that I was offered have been entirely in my liking!

What is your occupation today?

Currently I carry out a master in Resource Recovery at the University of Borås, a complement to my bachelor as textile engineer. I also work part-time at LunaMicro.

Do you have any give-aways to other students that want to get more work experience?

To be couregeous and honest! Upon completing my bachelor I was not really up to date with opportunities in the labour market. But to dare to take steps and not compromise too much with your own goals and areas of interest are my best tips! I think the projects I did through HoloHouse prepared me for working life.


The recruitment for this internship was part of LunaMicro AB:s medverkan i vårt kompetensförsörjningsprojekt 7H Kompetens finansierat av Boråsregionen Sjuhärads kommunalförbund.

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