Biological Diversity – A Sustainable Future

In today’s global society, sustainability issues are central for both businesses and communities. An important aspect of sustainable development is the preservation and promotion of biological diversity – the variety of life forms on Earth that form the foundation for ecosystem stability and function. Businesses have a crucial role to play in conserving and promoting biological diversity. 

By integrating biodiversity into their business practices and investments, companies can not only reduce their environmental impact but also contribute to creating a more sustainable and resilient planet for future generations.

CSRD, which stands for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, is the EU’s directive on corporate sustainability reporting. This law was introduced in 2024 and regulates how certain companies report sustainability information in their annual reports. 

Within this framework, ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) specify specific reporting requirements, including aspects related to biological diversity. However, companies should not only consider biodiversity but also actively create action plans to support global restoration goals. By investing in biodiversity as part of their CSRD & ESRD strategy, companies can build stronger relationships with their stakeholders, improve their brand image, and create long-term value for both society and the environment.

And that's where our partnership can help you!

At HoloHouse, we believe that all businesses are on a journey, one that requires constant innovation and fresh knowledge. We facilitate collaboration between businesses and students to help you develop your ideas and drive sustainability forward. Our partnership is tailored to your needs and goals, and we offer the following benefits:

  • New perspectives & concrete assistance: Students provide new perspectives and concrete assistance in your sustainability efforts. By using our students, you gain access to fresh perspectives and up-to-date knowledge in the field. It’s cost-effective and provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge between businesses and students
  • Simple & quality-assured process: We take care of everything from analysis to recruitment and project management to ensure a smooth process.
  • Results that otherwise wouldn’t be prioritised: Projects that might not have been prioritised can come to life and deliver valuable results.

We work closely with students from various disciplines at four different universities and can offer projects in areas such as digitalisation, sustainability, personnel management, and more.

We offer simple pricing based on the size of your company and include up to four collaboration projects per year, strategy development, recruitment, mentoring, and development of your company in various areas. Those are the types of projects:

  • Course projects: Collaboration with students from different disciplines for 2-10 weeks
  • Internships: Full-time work for 8-20 weeks to gain deeper insights and assistance with larger tasks.
  • Thesis projects: Opportunity to conduct bachelor’s or master’s thesis projects in specific areas for 10-20 weeks.
  • Short assignments: Smaller projects for specific topics, undertaken by 1-4 students for 20-30 hours per person

One of our successful examples - Dahlbogården

One example of a student project within biodiversity was done with Dahlbogården Event & Rum.
This family-owned business is located in Vårgårda, in the countryside and offers venues for weddings, parties, and conferences. There is also a restaurant, café, farm shop, and art exhibitions with local artists. The farm has been organic since 1997, and to contribute to the goal of biological diversity according to Agenda 2030 and to protect important wetland areas, they have created an approximately two-hectare wetland near the café and restaurant. The wetland, established in 2021, consists of two lakes with varying slopes and islands that create favourable environments for various plants and animals.

The project aimed to support the initiative of enhancing nature and improving groundwater levels by constructing a lake on the estate, with the hope that it will become an enjoyable place for generations to come. Through nature experiences, visitors can learn about the significance of wetlands for biological diversity and society at large, as well as about rural culture and sustainability. The students provided assistance in planning, designing, and implementing the wetland, contributing their expertise and fresh perspectives to create a thriving ecosystem that promotes biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

This student project is an example of how local initiatives and small businesses can collaborate with HoloHouse to promote environmental conservation and biodiversity.


We have plenty of references from our 27 years and are happy to share them with you to demonstrate our work and expertise.

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