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Håll ut!

Company introduction

Håll ut! is a three year project in the period 2020-22 that focuses on enhancing sustainability and environmental aspects in SMEs in the Region of Borås. The project is also open to municipalities who want to enhance their knowledge through either student projects or e-learning programs within environmental and sustainability. So far

During the project we have helped some 30 companies and 7 municipalities. We have also performed a screening for municipalities wherecivil servants graded their employer´s strategical and operational work in sustainability.

If you are a company or other organisation in the Borås region feel free to contact project manager, Ebba Ekman, to participate in the last phase of the project.

Access to four e-learning programmes: HoloScope, Introduction to Environmental Management, Introduction to Sustainability for Business and Kommunlinsen - Agenda 2030.

Håll ut! comprises a number of student projects either as thesis work, internships, shorter assignments and course cases. Below an opportunity for students available right now!

We have performed various screenings in municipalities where the rate their performance in the area of sustainability.


Within the scope of Håll ut! we would like to start a project during fall 2022 that focuses on the values created on company and societal levels by connecting students and companies and other organisations in environmental and sustainability projects. How can this value be measured and visualised? globala målen.

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Externally financed by Sjuhärads kommunalförbund, Region of Västra götaland and HoloHouse







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