Gap in competencies or knowledge? Time to close the gap with strategic competence supply programmes.

The different steps in competence supply within the project 7H Kompetens.


2020 was a year of action at HoloHouse. We launched our e-learning program on innovation and sustainability: "HoloScope". We also had help from students at the University of Gothenburg to develop a supplementary module on competence supply. This part of the program identified a competency supply gap and gave tools and incentives to close the gap. HoloScopeThe complete e-learning program aimed at increasing the knowledge and perspective on sustainability at company level, create a commonly understood language of what sustainability means for you, identify ideas for new products, business models and agree on an action plan to reach set goals.

Needs analysis

The competence supply programs also contain a needs analysis which consists of three parts: the operations, the business model and supply chain and competency supply coupled with sustainability and innovation. The needs analysis aims at providing a broader picture, thinking out of the box, to set course for new goals and opportunities that will be dealt with in the competency supply program.


As a next step in the competence supply program the company participates in a workshop called Booster. Booster will depart from the goals, challenges and opportunities identified during the e-learning program "HoloScope" and the needs analysis. These different issues will be tackled by university students with suitable academic background. Booster has so far been carried out 10 times and has led to many interesting projects, results and effects. One very appreciated aspect of Booster is that it a joint event where 5-8 different companies meet 10-15 students during two half-days to start up and finalise the challenges/issues tackled.

Student power

In this fourth step of the program, normally starting during the summer och autumn, students take the companies´ goals even further by developing the concepts, tools, solutions as part of a univeristy course case or as an internship.

Closure event and evaluation

At the end of the competency supply program, normally around beginning of December, all participating companies and students are invited to a joint closing event where we exchange findings, solutions, results but also evaluate the value for the companies and the students.

From vision to action!

One of the companies that have implemented the competency supply program is Tranemo Metal, a producer of molds in metal, normally used in the food and beverage industry. They used the program and a number of student interventions to set a sustainability strategy and proceed with the first steps. These inverventions can be grouped into the following steps.

  • Concretise and identify: Establish what sustainability means to Tranemo Metal and what the prioritised goals and areas should be and how to work with these on a strategic and operational level.
  • Communicate and organise: the next project that Tranemo Metal carried out with students focused on how to communicate and report on sustainability measures. Tangible goals were set.
  • Accelerate and certify: Tranemo Metal participated in a course case at the University of Borås to produce the foundations for a future environmental management system.
  • Validate and intergrate: In a changing world with new expactations, conditions for growth and development Tranem Metal participated in a course case at Gothenburg University to identify goals, opportunities and action to enhance the social dimension of sustainability and competence supply aspects.