Project Looperate: Measures to have more companies go circular

In an attempt to reduce the circular gap and speed up the transition to more sustainable and circular companies and business models HoloHouse engaged in a preliminary study, co-financed by the Swedish Growth Agency, the Region of Halland and HoloHouse. The project idea sparked from our assessment that both students and companies need to improve their knowlege and know-how of circular economy and how it is translated into real action at company level. The knowledge students get at universities regarding circular economy, circularity in business or other organisations varies very much from university and academic program. Students not only need better theoretical knowledge on the topic but need to practice what they learned in real company cases. Looperate is the first step to a more longer-term project aiming at closing the sustainability and competence need gap in companies in the Regions of Västra Götaland and Halland.

One of the main components of this project has been to perform 20 needs assessments in companies. Most of these companies are within sectors that consume natural resources or have significantly high CO2 emitting operations. We have also asked the companies to point at specific issues they would like to investigate through student projects.

The needs assessments identified a few challenges and opportunities that can be focused on. The companies generally had limited knowledge and tools on circular economy and were not sufficiently aware of upcoming EU and national legislation that would affect their operations or products. In general companies liked the idea of enhancing their grip on sustainability and circularity through e-learning programmes and student projects.

Looperate finished in June 2022 and we now prepare for applying for a follow-up project together with other relevant actors. Please get into touch with us if you want to learn more.