Tips to become more circular

A few aspects from the report comes out as particularly striking as regards the Swedish performance. Some aspects raised were: that we have the highest proportion of single-person households in the EU, that we prefer larger, and less efficient, houses/apartments and that we have a large portion of waste from the mining industry and that the demand for natural resources in the construction industry is expected to soar.

Link to the report:

Even if it is difficult to completely abondon the linear economy due to many reasons, such as access to circular business models, products and services we can do a lot to improve how we live and consume. Below examples what we at HoloHouse has done to become more sustainable and circular:

  1. Allow a fair amount of remote-work (we allow 3 days a week)
  2. Purchase second-hand computers and cell phones and only upgrade these appliances every 3-5 years.
  3. Allow 2 hours/week of sports or other active recreation during paid hours
  4. Opt for suppliers that systematically work with environmental and sustainability
  5. Rent spaces in a co-working place where we can be flexible and ensure that we don´t occupy more space then needed.
  6. Recruit according to diversity policy
  7. Boost the environmental and sustainability knowledge at our partners and clients through offering some free-of-charge educational programmes such as Introduction to Sustainability for Business.
  8. Plan towards some kind of sustainability certification.

Question - what do you want to change in your company to become more sustainable or circular?

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