Gamification, concept development and storytelling within sustainability e-learnings


HoloHouse projects sustainable development through the meeting between academia and industry. We are a non-profit association that starts and runs sustainability projects by pairing innovative university students with experienced companies/organisations that have needs in sustainable development. Since 1997, we have created value for over 5000 students and 1800 organisations through more than 2500 projects.

Now we are scaling up and asking ourselves how our operating model and network can evolve to create even more benefits in the spirit of Agenda 2030 and ”the decade of action”.


Do you want to work with creating concept development and gamification or storytelling? Do you often have new ideas that you also want to be able to implement yourself? Then this awesome internship is for you.

Through a sustainability internship at HoloHouse in autumn 2022 or spring 2023, you will have the chance to become an active part of integrating elements of gamification and/or storytelling into the sustainability e-learnings that we have created. You will receive a solid onboarding about HoloHouse and the business processes as well as your own mentor to turn to, but at the same time you will have a lot of own responsibility and are therefore expected to take initiative and be self-reliant.

You will be based digitally remotely, as well as in A Working Lab’s nice co-working space in Gothenburg where most of the team is located.

Our goal is that our e-learnings will build on several game dynamics to enhance user experience and motivation, in order to improve learning efficiency, for more information about the e-learnings click here. Seeing as all of our e-learnings are sustainability minded, we see it as a win-win situation where people will have a greater understanding of how to transition to a more sustainable future.

You can expect this from us

  • A versatile and educational internship with great freedom
  • Inspiring workplace
  • Learning more about sustainability
  • A place within a young and above all enthusiastic team
  • Versatility and activity
  • The opportunity to help build a growing non profit organisation

A selection of your work

  • Designing, building and testing your ideas on an already existing product that currently would need more gamification and storytelling elements

Your talents

  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Linguistically strong (English or Swedish)
  • Thinks in solutions
  • Interested in games and gamification
  • Spontaneous, open and humorous… because life is a party!

Interested in the concept development & gamification internship

Are you interested and do you want to be considered for this internship at HoloHouse? Press the button to the right to apply!

Type of project:





Corresponding thinking and working level; Game designer, UX/UI Designer, script work or similar experiences that are fit for working with gamification/storytelling.


Full time or part time internship preferably through a university internship course (15-30 credits) in Swedish or English


Distance and in our office at Sven Hultins Plats 5, Gothenburg, Sweden


David Sjöqvist, Marcelo Angél Javier Pino Guerrero, +46 766 12 17 54,+46726014405

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