Amanda started her own business!

It´s only been a few years after Amanda Borneke received her master in environmental communication. It is hard to believe when you see her CV.

Amanda did her first project through HoloHouse in 2017, at the City of Borås. The project aimed at developing a marketing strategy that would spread and anchor their energy- and climate work with the citizens of Borås. This marketing strategy became the foundation for how information was disseminated through various external communication channels. Short thereafter, Amanda established her own consultancy - Borneke Miljökommunikation - where she worked as sustainability coach in the areas of communication and branding.

To Amanda the project through HoloHouse was a way to connect with a potential employer.

"I always considered building bridges between students and companies important. This is the way, you as a student, find your passion, your row models and connect you with other students."

She explains the value with both the theoretical and practical experience.

"No education can fully prepare you for reality. Theoretically you have many answers but in real life sustainability work is always grounded in a real case."

Amanda says that the practical experience she acquired during the projects at HoloHouse was interesting and important. The most important however, was to build a strong CV and get recommendations.

"Take the opportunity to engage in a student project. It is a terrific eperience and strenghtens your network. It is one step closer to landing your dream job upon finalising your academic degree."