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Det gör HoloHouse genom att engagera fler i hållbar utveckling; fler medarbetare, fler studenter, fler samarbetspartners. Det är när alla bidrar med sin kompetens och synvinkel som innovation sker och vi hittar de nya affärsmodellerna, tillsammans. 

HoloHouse at A Working Lab, Johanneberg Science Park

Our Services


Education & Inspiration

Vi erbjuder interaktiva e-learningkurser och innovativa workshops inom hållbarhet.


Consultancy & Project Management

Vi bidrar med senior rådgivning, studentkonsulter och projektledning inom hållbarhetsarbete.



Holohouse has a large network of both students and profiles with dynamic experience within the field of sustainability. We can help you find the next talent you need with the necessary sustainabilty competencies.

Are you a student?

We need you - because your skills can make a real impact in achieving sustainable businesses and society. From us you’ll receive a broad network and real work experience.


As a partner with us, we will together create opportunities for your business to grow based on your needs through collaborative projects with our partner universities and their students.

Why choosing Choose us?


Sustainable since 1997

Successful sustainable development requires sensitivity and ambition. With our experience this work is completed faster, smarter and with a new perspective. The most important; we make it happen now.


Every room has its function

Change occurs when everybody understands how they can contribute from within their individual role. That's why we have developed services which can elevate the value of people's knowledge and competencies.


We connect the pipes

It can be easy to forget other challenges when one needs to be solved. Through collaboration with academia, we see interdisciplinary connections which can prevent conflict in reaching goals.


Insights and Project Results


Tips to become more circular

The Circularity Gap Report 2022 was released in April and gives a clear and alarming signal of how big the gap is between the situation today and where we need to be in terms of circularity. We are very much still acting according to linear economy.

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If you have questions, wishes or thoughts, please feel free to contact us. We respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.