Praktik som Community Manager för digital samverkansarena


Cradlenets is looking for a full or part-time intern to be the Community Manager for digital communication on, and its social media channels as well as for the Nordic Circular Arena digital circular economy community driven by Nordic Circular Hotspot (Cradlenet are co-founders of Nordic Circular Hotspot).

You will work in a workplace with an inclusive and open climate where we support and encourage each other and have fun together! You’ll get a deep dive into the circular economy and a good understanding of what’s going on at national and international level and how companies are working on the issue. You will also gain an expanded network within the business community internationally. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be creative and explore different possibilities around communication.

More about Cradlenet can be found here!
More about Nordic Circular Arena can be found here


As an intern at Cradlenet, you will work closely with our Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Elin Bergman, who is one of Sweden’s leading experts on the circular economy. You will have regular meetings on how to improve and develop the digital platforms so that there is better collaboration between the actors and better content on the platform.

  1. Be the community manager for Nordic Circular Arena, which means being partly responsible for making the platform as good and up-to-date as possible for its members
  2. Develop strategies for optimal communication platforms with the goals to attract more visitors to them, disseminate more information and increase the number of active members in the network.
  3. Create dialogues and increase activities between the registered members of the arena
  4. Optimize and update the website information and content; e.g. implement keyword optimization, indexing of documents offered for download/reading
  5. Facilitate new and existing members of the arena to present themselves, their organisations, projects, events, etc., and to get them to interact
  6. Optimize the structure and content of the weekly newsletter sent out to members
  7. Review and keep the membership register updated- develop and publish news that makes the communication channels interesting and take several initiatives that will facilitate its further development as a meeting place for circular economy discussions and collaboration
  8. Ensure that the arena is attractive to companies and organisations and anyone who wants to promote the development of society and companies towards a circular economy in the Nordic region and encourage them to make their own suggestions for improvements to the platform and how it should be further developed in the short and long term






You should be a student and interested in working with sustainability and communication. Knowledge of circular economy and communication on digital platforms is an advantage. You should preferably have an ongoing education in communication or have experience working with communication in another way. You should be self-reliant, able to take initiative and enjoy working in a dynamic workplace.


Preferably ongoing education in communication or have experience of working with communication Bonus if you also have a connection to the Borås area.




Marcelo Angél Javier Pino Guerrero

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