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Climate behaviour – a corporate responsibility


Climepact is an application (delivered as a mobile application to end-users and via desktop to it’s administrators) designed to support organisations and their employees/customers/members in identifying, educating, and implementing habit-changing sustainability actions @work and @home with the aim to support organisations in their green transition and reduce annual CO2 emissions per employee with at least 20% yearly. The program application is leveraging a uniquely designed framework of gamified-learning(nudging), life/workstyle assessments, IoT enabled tracking devices, 3rd party API data connections, and incentive features to deliver behavioural change and significant value and rewards to its end-users, organisations, and society.


This assignment is suitable as a bachelor or master thesis. Your task is to map and explore the borders of employers´ and employees´responsibilities as regards as behaviours and habits linked to environment and sustainability. A part of this assignment should be carried out in a qualitative method through interviews or questionnaires targeting Swedish and possibly Norwegian enterprises from different segments and size.

Some of the questions we would like to get answered:

Could/Should enterprises take on the responsibility of teaching and pushing climate smart behaviour on its employees. Not only climate smart behaviour in their position as professionals but even as private citizens.

Could/Should Enterprises see it as a natural part of their sustainability strategies AND their corporate values to pushm support and follow up on its employees climate actions (even in their private lifes)?

Could/Should Enterprises be instrumental (formally) for authorities strategies for educating and following up on population (if authorities decides to go in this direction) 

Could/Should Enterprises drive this agenda no matter what comes from the authorities. Part of ESG and CSR work.

How could climate impact programs and technology aimed at individual and collective behaviour be deployed in the Enterprise?


Examensarbete kandidatnivå




Bachelor or master student


Full or part-time


Sven Hultins Plats 5, 412 58 Göteborg, Sverige but also possible through distance work


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